4 Halloween Face Paint Ideas To Try Out in 2016

Having the perfect Halloween face paint ideas assures you of an ideal look for the spookiest holiday of all time. Anyone would want to have a creepy look, or at least a unique one that is based on the Halloween theme. Such elements like spiders, cobwebs, bats, pumpkin carvings, mummies, or other scary elements are what many people consider when they think of a costume. One way of celebrating the holiday in style is by having a theme-based face paint. It is not a must to have a scary face paint, rather, you can have any style that respects the Halloween theme.

1. Scary Halloween Face Pain

This guy is showing off his face paint, which carries some serious level of spookiness. He has half of his face painted with a scary design, and the other half is left normal to balance the look. The design looks slightly basic, though the artistry applied is incredible. If you wear such a face paint during the Halloween holiday, anyone would be frightened at the first look. Also, it extends down to the neck, and partially towards the chest. It is one of the Halloween face paint ideas that you can consider this holiday. The paint used is also basic, so it wouldn’t cost you too much to have it.

2. Batman Face Paint

You can have your kid face painted with a design like this. It is not spooky at all, but it features the Batman design, which is also a Halloween theme. If your boy is a Batman fan, then this is a perfect face paint idea for him. It is simple to apply, though you will be required to follow the original Batman theme colors to make it look stylish. It is among the perfect Halloween face paint ideas for kids, especially because of its style and theme. You should choose the perfect paint that will give a final look some glossiness.

3. Cat Inspired Halloween Makeup

This is another great idea for your young girl. It is not as spooky as such, but the look carries some level of creepiness. If she has the cat ears hairband, you can apply this face paint to make it complete. She will look like a young Catwoman, who has spooky-like teeth. When you apply this design, remember to include the pink nose, along with the whiskers over the cheekbones. What makes it extra creepy is when she opens her mouth. Ensure that the teeth are applied with some elegance if you want to add style to it. It is also one of the Halloween face paint ideas for young girls.

4. Spooky Makeup Idea for Halloween

This face paint is perfect for those that want a spooky look. You can notice the design, which looks like a facial skin attached with threads all around, and some muscles tissues are seen on the sides. It can be somewhat scary to the kids, so make sure you wear it if you are planning to attend a grown-up Halloween event. Applying this face paint will require some level of artistry so as to make the muscle tissues look real. It also has some 3D effects around the face, which gives it some sense of reality. It is one of the Halloween face paint ideas for men that want a spooky look.

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5 Hairstyle Trends for Long Hair In 2015

Are you tired of wearing your long hair in just one style and need some hair inspiration? 2015 has seen the celebrity world explode with fashion and style and there are some really beautiful styles inspired by celebrities that you can easily try on your own for a hot look. From modest down-dos to two-minute up-dos these styles will leave you looking sexy.

1. Wavy Ombre

The wavy ombre style is an easy curly hairstyle that will leave you looking like a hot superstar. The curls fall down your cheeks making them pop, accentuating your beauty. If you are looking for a sexy corporate look, the wavy ombre will be perfect. To achieve this look, wash your hair as you shower or use your spray bottle to dampen your hair. Towel dry the hair and then apply your favorite serum and mousse. Blow dry the hair on minimum heat and the part it in the middle. Curl the hair in small sections from the cheek level moving towards the scalp. Once done, lift the curls with your fingers instead of a comb or brush. See it’s that simple!

2. Rumpled Waves

Rumpled waves are a nice way to achieve a sleek, fresh look. They are easy to achieve and maintain. To get the rumpled waves spray your favorite volumizer on damp hair and then blow dry it on low heat in an upside down position. Once down, part the hair in the middle and then twist the sections into pigtail buns that are low. Ensure that you leave the ends out and straight. Blow the buns with the blow dryer for a few minutes until they dry up completely then spray them with a hair spray. Undo the buns and shake out the hair. You will absolutely love the rumpled waves.

3. Long Tails

Ponytails are no longer boring, not when they are long, loose and low. To wear your hair in long tails, wash your hair and then dry it. Use a curling iron to curl the hair starting from the back of the head moving to the front. Once done use a volumizing spray or powder, whichever you prefer. Comb the curled hair back gently and then pull all the hair into a ponytail at the back of your head.

4. Braids & Twists

Braids and twists are very easy to achieve and you can do them quickly as you dress up for work or a party. You can wear this style as a twisted rope braid, a cornrowed bun, or as a classic plait, whichever you fancy. No matter the shape of your face, there will be a twist to suit it well.

5. Big Buns

Big buns are a big thing in 2015. This is the classic laid back, sexy celeb look. To get a pretty loop, part your hair in the middle and then clip aside about an inch chunk of hair from both sides. Gather the remaining hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your head and roll it up towards the base of your head and then pin it. Take the front pieces and pull then around the loop and pin them with a booby pin into place. Spray your finished look with shine spray to add shine and gloss.

No matter where you’re going, with these five super fabulous styles you will find something to match the occasion. Remember to wear an outfit that matches the hairstyle for a complete sexy look! You can find more hairstyles and cute beauty tips here.